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Better today? I think? Still hacking up a lung, but at least I'm not audibly wheezing anymore, and an actual solid night's rest seems to have helped on the general constitution side of things.

Am also greatly cheered by electrician dude's presence - he is adding light fixtures to the bedrooms and hopefully also changing the fixtures that I bought two years ago, although he wasn't sure whether his ladder would be able to get him up there either, so we'll see how that works out. Insulation people are coming in a week to fill the cavities under the upstairs overhang with spray-foam, which will hopefully mean the bedrooms will be sort of the same temperature as the rest of the house next winter (upgrading the attic seems to have helped keep the a/c up there, but not so much with the heat).

I have been seized lately with a fierce desire to Get The House In Order, because we've been here 2.5 years and it still feels like we haven't really finished moving in. It seems like everything has been in a big transitional mess of one kind or another ever since we got here, between the kitchen reno, mom moving, and the general chaos that comes with having a baby. So we end up with the miscellaneous clutter of books and decorations that had to be moved out of the baby's reach, pictures that got taken down and need to be rehung on a wall that hasn't been repainted yet, kitchen miscellany that is temporarily living on the counter because two large cupboards never really got properly organized, heaps of blankets on top of dressers because the linen closets likewise need sorting out, unusable downstairs TV room full of junk and leftover moving stuff that needs cleaning up, a bedroom stuffed full of clocks, old baby clothes and extra furniture...AUGH. I am not a particularly tidy or organized creature, as anyone who has lived with me can tell you, but being my mother's daughter I at least know what tidy and organized LOOKS like, and when it gets this far away from it so pervasively and on such an ongoing basis it makes me want to scah-reeeeeeeeeeem. So I am determined to haul the house into at least a baseline level of non-chaos before the next bombshell goes off baby gets here - at least when it (inevitably) degenerates from there it will have somewhere to get back to.
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