Oct. 5th, 2014

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Back to life, back to reality. Was not l33t enough to start the writing blog. Nonetheless, feeling pretty optimistic about things, all told. My sister had a couple of truly excellent suggestions for the next ghost story, so plans for that are in good shape. C'mon November!! Am now bumming around on the train and reading about the super-creepy Winchester Mystery House and checking out Lev Grossman's blog.

Things I need to do:

* Brainstorm creepy incidents for Ghost Story II
* Continue to read stuff for writing client

Rereading old entries I realized that there is now less than a year until all the moneez are ours, precioussss. Well, more like two years, really, because we'll have to dig ourselves out of the debt-pile first before we'll be able to throw any of it around. STILL, movement in that direction will be good! And at this point it's like pshh, a year, whatever, that's no time at all.

All the fun fixy-uppy things I have plans to do given time enough and $$$... like making the laundry room actually pleasant to be in. My thought is that we could put a wall up to make the furnace area a separate space, install ceramic tile and an actual paintable finish on the walls, put up ikea storage cupboards - likewise white, probably - and a bit of counter space, find a nice bright light fixture, get swanky water-and-energy-efficient laundry machines like my mom's got.

And a car that's not an infuriating falling-apart rustbucket with barely adequate infrastructure for carseats would be good too. Ugh. It would be really nice to buy a car that would last more than a couple years before getting to this point.


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