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ZOMFG how much does this season of BSG rock!! Give...meeee...more...episoooooooooodes!
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After a year of insane suspense, I download the fabulous, tension-fraught, mysterious and downright classic season premiere of BSG...and it's a CLIFFHANGER?!?!?!


Well, even if I'm watching it week by week along with the rest of the world, it still makes me bounce with glee that there's FINALLY more. Sweeeeeeeeet BSG satisfaction!
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Also: the other night I foolishly picked up Neil Gaiman's Coraline, thinking I'd read for half an hour and then go to sleep. Not only was I riveted to this book for two or three times that long, completely unable to put the thing down unfinished, but also it scared the crap out of me, to the point where I couldn't sleep for a while after I did finish it. It was AWESOME.
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Everyone should definitely go see Persepolis. What a lovely movie - beautiful to look at and very evocative. It really brings the books to life.
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So today I soldered all the panels for my neighbour's second lamp, and also went skiing for 2h with Corey and my mom, this time heading west to Andrew Haydon Park. The trail was even better on that side, and the weather was perfect. Although now, of course, my legs feel like flour sacks connected by water balloons at the knee, and I can barely move. I foresee much hobbling around the office this week.

Oooo, apparently Persepolis is now playing at World Exchange! Awesome. I just picked up the comics a few weeks ago and they're fantastic, and from the trailer (linked below), the animation looks beautiful. [ profile] renegadelufin, you should totally go see this one.

And Spiderwick Chronicles comes out this week too. Sweet!
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Juno was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It was adorable and bittersweet and said some things about love and families that I really needed to hear. I would kind of like to hug Diablo Cody.
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I had been under the impression from somewhere that Ursula LeGuin was averse to the idea of a Miyazaki Earthsea movie because of his female characters.

Turns out I had that exactly backwards: she wanted him to do the movie because of his female characters; she's a great admirer of his. Not sure how I got that so turned around - possibly because I'm not a huge Miyazaki fan; I've been kind of turned off by the way the story unfolds (or doesn't) in the last couple of his films I've seen, as much as I loved Mononoke Hime. Also possibly I was confusing it with her disappointment in the movie that was actually made, not by Miyazaki but by his son - her response to that film is here.


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