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Next round of home improvement projects begun! Rahhhr!!

Today: purchased and assembled two floor lamps with reading lights for the living room. Ahhhh, comfortable light levels. Also booked an electrician to add some overhead lights to the bedrooms and finally install the light fixture that's been waiting to go over the stairs. Shopped a bit for stair runners, without much luck - had I known the one we actually liked was of limited availability, I'd have snapped it up on credit when we had the chance. There's a brown one at Rona that might work, and the price is certainly right. It's just...very brown. Given the rest of our furnishings I can't figure out if it would come out on the right side of the line between warm/cozy and 70s. I suppose repainting in a less yellow shade of cream would maybe help tip the scales, but gahhhhh, I seriously do not want to have to paint the entire living room and stairwell.

Also need to do something about the doors upstairs. Repainting them and replacing the doorknobs might be just as effective - and a lot less expensive and annoying - than trying to replace them altogether; I'm sure there's some sort of monkeying around that can be done to fix the couple that don't want to close properly. The closet doors - relics of the 60s - really do need to go, though.

There's also a lot of bare space on the walls that needs filling, especially upstairs. I have a pile of art and photos that need framing and hanging, and I'm starting to think I should at least look into schlepping them over to Michaels. I don't have the time to do it myself, and although I'd feel terribly accomplished if I ever managed it, the supplies are expensive enough that it wouldn't really save me any money. ...oho! And guess which venerable institution has a 50% off custom framing coupon on its website this week! Sahweeet!
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