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I have felt like CRAP all day today and ended up going home after lunch to sleep for the afternoon. Said nap plus grapes and saltines have perked me up enough that I am trying some pasta.

Dear universe: this had better not be the shape of things to come, got it??? I need to be smiling and selling stuff this weekend, not curled up in green-faced misery in the grass, kthxbai. I suspect getting to bed at a decent hour (as opposed to past midnight like yesterday) will probably help.

* make stuff-to-bring list
* frame crazy quilt panels
* fused doodads x 2 or 3
* paint om

* get cash
* fire and frame om
* get more lead and finish framing if necessary
* test run for new tent and display
* polish all
* pack car
* cook
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In the madness that will be the next few days, do not forget to:

* scout around for a bulletin board
* bring pics of previous work home from the office
* print copies of Art in the Park flyer to spam neighbours with
* assemble pattern/inspiration books and worden pamphlet for potential customers to look at
* check into how exactly to use those freaking credit card slips
* make checklist of stuff to bring, including sample box
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To do today:

* Breakfast in the Glebe, followed by wandering the Great Glebe Garage Sale
* Solder fall tree
* Ask glass store guys about thicker-channel zinc in order to hopefully avoid having to cobble a border onto an already-soldered piece; buy some single-thickness clear system 96 glass while I'm there so as to make a few more fused doodads before Art in the Park
* pot some seedlings and dig some plants, provided it's decent out
* bike ride in the evening
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Sweet, sweet, sweeeeeeeet long I ♥ you!!!

To do in around social engagements:

Watch freshly downloaded BSG ( ♥ ♥ ♥ )
Solder other side of spring tree
Design, cut (mostly), grind, and foil fall tree
Paint and bake om suncatcher
Transfer seedlings to pots
Dig up and pot some more plants

Groceries, before the stores close
Play squash with Corey

As of today: 2 months till closing. Siiiiiiiiigh. I will be OLD by July 17!!
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Timmy's for breakfast
Glass store for swirly baroque glass
Value Village to look for beer tshirts
Finish chopping out and grind spring tree panel
Watch freshly downloaded BSG (SWEET)
Foil over old BSG


Plant sale chez Experimental Farm (must...not...spend...fortune!!)
Dinner with mom
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To do today:

* go for a bike ride, since apparently this will be the last 20-degree day for a while
* solder magnolia mirror (OMFG so behiiiiiiiiiind)
* cut out, grind, and foil two suncatchers and/or design next couple big projects
* sit down with recipe books and determine menus for the week
* get groceries (including sunblock and colour-guard shampoo)
* plant azaleas

...shit, I'd been meaning to go try the exercise class that happens at the gym on sunday mornings, too, except I slept right through it. Oh well, tuesday night it is.

Up, up and awaayyyyyyyyyy!
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* cake for breakfast (mmmmmmmm, cake)
* bike ride (made it to the intersection with the transitway yesterday!! Next goal: the bridge. Dun dun DUNNNNNNNN.)
* grind magnolia mirror (holy CRAP am I ever running behind. 7 weeks left till Art in the Park...must...get...ass in gear!!!)
* passover seder @ synagogue (since Corey's mom was unable to host one this year)
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To do tomorrow...well, today, technically:

* Get up at decent hour for to sneakily deliver flowers, eat breakfast that is not cake (still can't deal with the thought of eating any more icing - totally overdosed during that class today), and watch BSG
* Studio: solder painted nude, FINALLY
grind pieces of next painted nude and possibly do tracing layer
cut out magnolia mirror and bevel doodad
grind same, if enough time
* Play more squash
* Make decent dinner, possibly chicken sumac skewers

Bed is definitely in order. Sweet, sweet bed.
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AUGH so behiiiiiiiiiiiind

Today, following Cora's breakfast, I will:

* Finish chopping out morning glories
* Finish firing painted nude #1 and do final coat of paint (well, except for the one piece that I forgot about in the kiln, accidentally fusing it into bubbly globbiness, and will therefore have to redo - goddammit)
* Chop out moons from spiffy $20/sq-ft uroburos glass
* Design tree to make out of gorgeous kokomo glass with deep ripples and streams of green and pink, which cries out to be a flowering tree of some kind (oooh and with the remaining kokomo green-gold from last year I could make a fall tree to go with said spring tree YES IT WILL BE AWESOME)
* Design magnolia mirror

Raspberries and bacon will fuel my genius. Up, up and awayyyyyyyyy!!
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To do tomorrow (well, today :P)

* greasy spoon breakfast
* solder last crazy quilt panel
* fire last piece of tracing black
* paint first layer of shading and fire a few pieces
* cut out moon and morning glories

First: bed...sweet, sweet bed.
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It figures that all the crap that has me worried and sad right now is nothing I can really write about here. I need a magic wand.

Failing that, I will drink wine and make to do lists. And maybe bake a cake.

flute choir, squash, dinner

glass store shopping
cut out and paint first layer of nudes; fire
cut out and grind moon
grind last crazy quilt panel
foil moon and crazy quilt panels

more painting and firing
solder panels and moon
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FUCK YOU, February. Fuck you right in the ear. You have been even more horrible than usual this year, right down to your last gasp, and I hate you. I raise a glass to your demise.

In my glass, however, is tasty riesling wine. And said glass is located on this beautiful new-to-us dining room table, purchased from craigslist, which adds a class factor of approximately 300% to the room:


We are drinking said wine partly in celebration of the end of said goddamn horrible month, and partly in celebration of the fact that Corey now has a SECOND INTERVIEW for his dream job, for which fingers are ferociously crossed. Send mad post-doc vibes everybody!!

Also, I got an email this week to say I am going to Art in the Park again! Sah-weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Must get my butt in gear this weekend!!!!

To do:

* cut up and grind scraps for crazy quilt panel
* design: morning glory panels, crazy art nouveau mirrors, little mirrors with balloons
* design and start working on painted nudes
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Menus for this week:

Lemon vermouth chicken + beets + garlic mashed potatoes
Chicken with cranberries + rice + green beans
Indian-sauce chicken (chicken, butter chicken/tandoori/korma goo, sour cream, wine...yummmmmm) + rice + salad
Tandoori salmon + lemon-dill rice pilaf + salad

Tandoori salmon will be tomorrow night, because it will be easy (marinate salmon in jarred tandoori goo and sour cream, then bake) and because fish is highly perishable.

Also tomorrow, I will deliver my Art in the Park application, add spider and polish the lamp, and then spend the rest of the evening designing.

Tonight I will reread delightful Bujold awesomeness, drink wine, and eat cookies. Occasionally, being an adult kind of rocks.

Which gets me to thinking about something I was talking to [ profile] amazon_syren about today. We were talking about five-year plans. And I discovered that mine was, well, keep on keeping on with work and projects, and that's a prospect I'm pretty happy with. The only major deviation I foresee from the status quo is having a baby (or two). And y'know, about this time three years ago, the prospect of the status quo continuing was making me so miserable I could barely see straight. Having a family, of course, means no minor upheaval in my life, so it's possible that's providing me with the shake-up I like to look forward to. But maybe...just it possible I've managed to figure this out?
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* Breakfast
* Sit down with recipe books and make a grocery list
* Mess around with lamp harp to redetermine spider location
* Solder spider into place, polish lamp, and deliver to neighbour
* Wander around Home Depot and ogle home improvement stuff
* Make CD of Art in the Park pictures and get application package ready to deliver
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Spent a very nice couple of hours in the studio tonight. I had trouble making my brain shut up - grinding, like knitting, is so tedious that it's not very helpful that way. Nonetheless, I am resolved to spend more time there now that I've zombied my way through January. Especially now that Art in the Park is set for June 7 and 8, and registration is underway - must get cracking!!

So tomorrow, I foil with movies, and also my mom is supposed to come over and help plastic the windows in an effort to prevent another $500 hydro bill. Also I will call Wallack's to find out if they carry the brand of matboard I was looking at before, and make haddock with vermouth and mushrooms and delicious cheesy rice for dinner. And I'm going to try to start doodling some of the designs I've been thinking about.
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STILL no skiing. Sigh. Too much to do. Next snowstorm, by god...

However. Christmas shopping: COMPLETE. Foiling: COMPLETE. Boss's broken ornament: FIXED AND DELIVERED. Teh productivity!!!

Tonight I hang out with Lisa and her family in Kemptville, and tomorrow I solder, bake, go to parties, and...and...I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

Baking checklist for the next few days... )
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This calls for wine and foiling and Harry Potter 5.

Tomorrow I must:

* hit Tiggy Winkles and possibly (god help me) Toys R Us, first thing in the morning so as to hopefully avoid insanity
* attempt to solder the christmas ornament that my boss is hoping I can fix
* rent skis
* drop off boss's repaired christmas ornament at work
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I'm pretty sure I made less food than last year, and I STILL have leftovers of doom. Eeeexcellent. And because my husband is a rock star, the house is almost supernaturally tidy.

So today I plan to wander on over to the studio and spend the day cozily chopping glass while the snowstorm rages outside. Then I will slog home through the snow and heat myself up a mug of wassail and spend the evening with husband, kitties, and books. It will be awesome.

Three work days left till christmas vacation!!
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Tupperware multiplies in the dark. I swear to god. Especially the little tiny ones that aren't really good for anything but keep getting bought because they come as a package deal with the big ones.

Oh, big kitchen with cupboard space! I pine for you. I'd be tempted to hit Ikea and sink some $$ into real cupboards with shelves of decent height, large drawers for pots and pans, built-in recycling/compost bins, and other goodies, but given plans for a house I'm not much inclined to line the landlord's pockets by making improvements, kthxbai.

Today I still need to:
* Go to the glass store for dragonfly materials
* Cut out and grind pieces for two projects - can make the details over lunches this week
* Make one batch of cookies
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Tomorrow I must make applesauce and do glass. And possibly bake cookies, since the whole point of starting this marathon in November was to avoid having to bake every freaking day in December until christmas. One of these years I will manage it.

The count is now 17 dozen, plus some hard-to-quantify nibblies, a large main dish, and the spiked eggnog. RAHR.


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