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I have ingeniously managed to blow a fuse at the studio, thereby screwing myself out of an evening's worth of work. No soldering, no grinding, no firing, and not even any chopping, because the one project I have ready to cut needs the lighttable, which is likewise out of commission. Dammit. Note to self: there is a REASON why they told me the kiln should be the only thing on the circuit.

So instead I will bake and foil bevelled stars. I need to make cookies to send with Corey to my former boss in Montreal, whom I need to thank for a recent reference and general helpful awesomeness while I was jobhunting. And since Corey is hilariously making intensely kahlua-ful chocolate icing to go on the last couple squares of my attempt at [ profile] amazon_syren's fantastic chocolate cake, I think maybe I will make another cake to go with it.
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Menus for this week:

Lemon vermouth chicken + beets + garlic mashed potatoes
Chicken with cranberries + rice + green beans
Indian-sauce chicken (chicken, butter chicken/tandoori/korma goo, sour cream, wine...yummmmmm) + rice + salad
Tandoori salmon + lemon-dill rice pilaf + salad

Tandoori salmon will be tomorrow night, because it will be easy (marinate salmon in jarred tandoori goo and sour cream, then bake) and because fish is highly perishable.

Also tomorrow, I will deliver my Art in the Park application, add spider and polish the lamp, and then spend the rest of the evening designing.

Tonight I will reread delightful Bujold awesomeness, drink wine, and eat cookies. Occasionally, being an adult kind of rocks.

Which gets me to thinking about something I was talking to [ profile] amazon_syren about today. We were talking about five-year plans. And I discovered that mine was, well, keep on keeping on with work and projects, and that's a prospect I'm pretty happy with. The only major deviation I foresee from the status quo is having a baby (or two). And y'know, about this time three years ago, the prospect of the status quo continuing was making me so miserable I could barely see straight. Having a family, of course, means no minor upheaval in my life, so it's possible that's providing me with the shake-up I like to look forward to. But maybe...just it possible I've managed to figure this out?
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Fudginess of insanity achieved. Yummmmmmmmay.
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Tonight I am making a chocolate cake.

My kingdom for a kitchenaid mixer. Hopefully the whisk attachment on the food processor will be able to produce Teh Requisite Fluffiness.

Tomorrow I am making:
Broccoli and cauliflower with ginger and garlic
Lemony risotto with parmigiano-reggiano
Maple-thyme chicken
Salad of some kind

Later this week I think I will try that mushroom-vermouth cod dish from Fine Cooking. Cod is fishier than I usually attempt, but vermouth makes mad yummy sauce, and flavourful marinades seem to be what make fish palatable to me. So: worth a shot.
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Next hobby I try my hand at is totally going to be cake decorating. So gorgeous...and yummy-looking!! Except, of course, what the hell would I do with all the results?
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Among my boring new year's resolutions: eat decently. Or at least more decently.

This means:

(1) No poutine or other assorted greasefests for lunch, except for the occasional treat
(2) Attempt to eat the recommended 6-7 servings of fruit and vegetables in a day
(3) Cook more

Menus, because they sound yummy and this will encourage me. )
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STILL no skiing. Sigh. Too much to do. Next snowstorm, by god...

However. Christmas shopping: COMPLETE. Foiling: COMPLETE. Boss's broken ornament: FIXED AND DELIVERED. Teh productivity!!!

Tonight I hang out with Lisa and her family in Kemptville, and tomorrow I solder, bake, go to parties, and...and...I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

Baking checklist for the next few days... )
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I'm pretty sure I made less food than last year, and I STILL have leftovers of doom. Eeeexcellent. And because my husband is a rock star, the house is almost supernaturally tidy.

So today I plan to wander on over to the studio and spend the day cozily chopping glass while the snowstorm rages outside. Then I will slog home through the snow and heat myself up a mug of wassail and spend the evening with husband, kitties, and books. It will be awesome.

Three work days left till christmas vacation!!
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Tomorrow I must make applesauce and do glass. And possibly bake cookies, since the whole point of starting this marathon in November was to avoid having to bake every freaking day in December until christmas. One of these years I will manage it.

The count is now 17 dozen, plus some hard-to-quantify nibblies, a large main dish, and the spiked eggnog. RAHR.
sexy_romulan: (Default) make...olives.

That is pretty sad, really.

So sad, in fact, that I think I am going to type up the recipe requested by [ profile] amazon_syren and go to bed. Then I will have energy to accomplish stuff tomorrow. Yes I will.
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If I have your email/facebook coordinates, you've probably alreay heard about this. If not, and if you'd like to drop by, zap me a comment and I'll send address/directions.

Holiday Party of Deliciousness!

Come celebrate the most delicious season of all with wine, wassail, eggnog, and a veritable blizzard of home-cooked goodies!

We're doing this open-house style - wander in and out anytime between 4 PM and midnight on Saturday, December 15th. Spouses, SOs, and kids are of course welcome!
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Man oh man do I have my work cut out for me this christmas. I start cooking this weekend: pie and cookie dough to freeze for later. And I suppose I should get going on all the freezable puff pastry and phyllo goodies, too...must hash out a schedule for the next few weeks. There's going to be EVEN MORE than last year. Have I mentioned how much I love hors d'oeuvres? I am tempted to post the menu, but the element of surprise is half the fun. Hee!


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