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ARGH. Okay, biking experts, how the hell do you avoid the faceful-of-bugs phenomenon? I don't see people wearing goggles, but along treed parts of the bike path I could barely lift my head. What gives???
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Garden daydreaming )

Materialistic's OK if the stuff is second-hand, isn't it? )

Mostly up till this point I haven't been thinking about it, but as soon as I start daydreaming, it becomes clear that waiting three months to move is going to kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I should distract myself with Art in the Park, but I am not that smart or that productive. Instead I ate dinner on the patio, disinfected my garden shears, pruned my rose (which is budding most encouragingly!), and went for my daily constitutional bike ride. This last, btw, I totally kicked the ass of. Not only did I make it to the Island Park bridge, I went a little bit past it, finally stopping and turning around in a park just past the sign that says "parliament hill 5 KM". Since parliament hill is about 11 km from Britannia park, that means I biked about 12km this evening (6 there and back). w00t! Ph34r me, parliament buildings! I will be seeing you soooooooooooon!

Now, of course, I am falling asleep, or I would curl up with foiling and BSG. Plus I am enjoying the smell of the spring air coming in the open window and the delicious smell of the cut flowers mom brought me for my birthday way too much to move. Tomorrow evening, I suppose. RAHHhhhrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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It's trickier and requires more grip strength than you'd think. On the plus side, though, you can eat your mistakes! I am proud to say that I can now make semi-decent buttercream roses, although my petal edges are still raggedy for some reason. I took advantage of the one-day "student discount" to buy myself $30 worth of basic supplies beyond the kit we got with the course, and am totally itching to experiment. Soooooo if anyone wants a cake made with rudimentary skill and boundless enthusiasm, I am your man!!
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Bleahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I have survived another week. Rum punch, I ♥ you.

Today was pretty successful, actually, all told. Work mostly consisted of running like mad in little circles, scattering emails and versions of documents hither and yon, but at least I wasn't the only one feeling like my head was about to explode.

Flute choir concert was mildly disastrous but in a non-competitive class that doesn't feel like too big a deal. For starters, I arrived at 8:00, thinking I had plenty of time until our class at 8:35, but it turned out we were actually on in 10 minutes because they changed the goddamn time of the class but didn't change the website I had checked earlier. On the bitchy piece that I was complaining about practising the other night, I usually share a part with another lady. It was the first piece we played, and somehow while we walked from the warmup room to the concert room her head joint slipped about an inch without her noticing, so suddenly she found herself playing completely the wrong notes for no reason - so she stopped playing altogether. So meanwhile I was tootling along and found myself all alone on all the bitchy runs of 16th notes, which completely freaked me out. I was pretty dismayed at the time but I don't think I did too badly, considering. And the one everybody remembered afterwards was the crazy-ass jazz piece anyway, so whatever. I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, HANDEL...NEXT TIME.

Tomorrow: cake-decorating class (woo!), squash with Corey, and Gilbert & Sullivan with Corey and his mom. It will be awesome, but I am going to get nothing done studiowise - I'll poke my head into the glass store at the end of the day to check out their big sale, but otherwise it'll be run-run-run, I think. Must get back on track Sunday and next week!!!
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I have been hacking away at this damn piece with a stupid broken unevenly-beating metronome and for my trouble I am apparently getting WORSE at playing it up to speed. Am I looking forward to playing it at this speed in front of people on friday? No. No I am not.

Fuck it. I am going to go solder now.
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Yesterday I booked myself into a cake decorating course chez Artistic Cake Design, a company whose name I remember hearing over the course of weddingyness. A coworker with family in the catering business also had very good things to say about them. I managed to snag the last seat in the April 12 workshop, so I guess this will be my birthday present to me.

Time for shower, then yummy Cora's breakfast. That place will be the death of my budget, I swear to god.
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Playing with layout and tags. It remains a work in progress.
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Next hobby I try my hand at is totally going to be cake decorating. So gorgeous...and yummy-looking!! Except, of course, what the hell would I do with all the results?
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Among my boring new year's resolutions: eat decently. Or at least more decently.

This means:

(1) No poutine or other assorted greasefests for lunch, except for the occasional treat
(2) Attempt to eat the recommended 6-7 servings of fruit and vegetables in a day
(3) Cook more

Menus, because they sound yummy and this will encourage me. )
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After digging through my parents' garage a bit, I have boots, poles, and skis! Woo! Now I just need to hit Mountain Equipment Co-op for some wax and I will be ready to roll.

The skis are short for me by a few inches, but hopefully they'll still work. They're old-school wooden skis by Rustad, so in addition to being of kickass quality, they have oodles of character and a certain sentimental value. My family always used wooden skis, so to my mind these are still somehow the real thing.
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I ♥ Spins & Needles, where I went tonight with [ profile] renegadelufin and made another very bizarre but oddly endearing collage: despite its weirdness (or perhaps because of it?) I am more pleased with it the more I look at it.

Never did get to skiing today, so that's now on the agenda for tomorrow, along with studio time. But for now: sweet, sweet bed.
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...I would really, really like to make this sweater for myself.

And come to think of it, I have a pile of lovely cashmere wool waiting for a mission...
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Have utterly failed to accomplish much of anything tonight, despite grand ambitions of glass grinding and laundry and maybe even some writing. Instead we watched a movie and then I spent the rest of the evening curled up in bed with CBC radio and knitting while Corey headed out to martial arts. Feeling a little stomachachey and under the weather and generally disinclined to move or think very hard, and CBC is oddly soothing to listen to. My Harry Potter scarf is growing apace. Only thing missing has been a cup of tea, as I have been too damn lazy to make myself one.
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Well, I feel light years better this morning, despite my headache. There's nothing quite like taking a couple hours to bitch and moan about anything and everything that's getting you down regardless of whether you have any right to complain about it. Everything feels in perspective and dealable-with again.

I wonder what time WalMart is open, I think I may buy some yarn and start knitting a Harry Potter scarf during the show. It's been ages since I knitted something. I should be foiling my neighbour's lamp but I haven't gotten around to grinding it...will start that tomorrow.
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Well, I couldn't find a Harry Potter scarf - although I am now so taken with the idea that I may just have to knit myself one of the damn things - but I did buy this fabulous hat:

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