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Ugh. Tired. Don't feel well. Not Friday yet. Should be working on glass.

However: antique store in the market where I had inquired about old window frames called yesterday. Today I am the proud owner of a lovely 10-light window that will be perfect for covering in stained-glass ivy. Probably can't do anything with it in time for Art in the Park anymore, though. Oh well.

Also: seller of this lovely set of furniture may be willing to hang onto it until mid-July, when we will have space for it. Niiiiiice. Making arrangements to go check it out.

Snack, then studio. Bleh.
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ZOMG...I have to stop looking at Craigslist or I will never make it through the next 13 weeks.

I wants it, preciousssssss...
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Garden daydreaming )

Materialistic's OK if the stuff is second-hand, isn't it? )

Mostly up till this point I haven't been thinking about it, but as soon as I start daydreaming, it becomes clear that waiting three months to move is going to kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I should distract myself with Art in the Park, but I am not that smart or that productive. Instead I ate dinner on the patio, disinfected my garden shears, pruned my rose (which is budding most encouragingly!), and went for my daily constitutional bike ride. This last, btw, I totally kicked the ass of. Not only did I make it to the Island Park bridge, I went a little bit past it, finally stopping and turning around in a park just past the sign that says "parliament hill 5 KM". Since parliament hill is about 11 km from Britannia park, that means I biked about 12km this evening (6 there and back). w00t! Ph34r me, parliament buildings! I will be seeing you soooooooooooon!

Now, of course, I am falling asleep, or I would curl up with foiling and BSG. Plus I am enjoying the smell of the spring air coming in the open window and the delicious smell of the cut flowers mom brought me for my birthday way too much to move. Tomorrow evening, I suppose. RAHHhhhrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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FUCK YOU, February. Fuck you right in the ear. You have been even more horrible than usual this year, right down to your last gasp, and I hate you. I raise a glass to your demise.

In my glass, however, is tasty riesling wine. And said glass is located on this beautiful new-to-us dining room table, purchased from craigslist, which adds a class factor of approximately 300% to the room:


We are drinking said wine partly in celebration of the end of said goddamn horrible month, and partly in celebration of the fact that Corey now has a SECOND INTERVIEW for his dream job, for which fingers are ferociously crossed. Send mad post-doc vibes everybody!!

Also, I got an email this week to say I am going to Art in the Park again! Sah-weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Must get my butt in gear this weekend!!!!

To do:

* cut up and grind scraps for crazy quilt panel
* design: morning glory panels, crazy art nouveau mirrors, little mirrors with balloons
* design and start working on painted nudes
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Tupperware multiplies in the dark. I swear to god. Especially the little tiny ones that aren't really good for anything but keep getting bought because they come as a package deal with the big ones.

Oh, big kitchen with cupboard space! I pine for you. I'd be tempted to hit Ikea and sink some $$ into real cupboards with shelves of decent height, large drawers for pots and pans, built-in recycling/compost bins, and other goodies, but given plans for a house I'm not much inclined to line the landlord's pockets by making improvements, kthxbai.

Today I still need to:
* Go to the glass store for dragonfly materials
* Cut out and grind pieces for two projects - can make the details over lunches this week
* Make one batch of cookies
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I hate my teeny tiny oven. HATE. It may be new and shiny but it is teeny fucking tiny. I have exactly two cookie trays that will fit on its teeny tiny racks. And because these teeny tiny trays take up almost all the room on the teeny tiny racks, there is no air circulation between the racks, such that you can really only have one cookie sheet in there at a time anyway, because the stuff on the top will barely even cook.



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