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So now we are homeowners. Wheeeeeeheeheeheeheeheeee!

Walkthrough yesterday revealed that the house is pretty much exactly as we remembered it and that it was also thoughtfully cleaned top to bottom by the previous owners, who left behind leftover paint for patching up, freshly washed drapes, a new smoke alarm to replace the one that doesn't work, and an extra set of keys.

The garden is (reassuringly) just as overgrown a disaster as my current one. As predicted, the planting areas in the back are just a border around a grassy yard. Mostly said planting areas are populated by The Hydrangeas of Insanity (seriously - just wait till I have pictures to post) and ferns, with one ginormous but anonymous shrub and a lovely white pine along the back fence. It is fabulously wind-sheltered and gets at least partial sun; will have to verify just how much over the course of the next sunny day that comes along. I think I should have space for just about all my plants for now, so I can probably wait to undertake expansion until next year, but in any case the first order of business will be a crapload of digging up hydrangeas. Sooooo...I have my work cut out for me!! My week of holidays will be divided between unpacking and wrestling with the jungle, both there and here. It will be awesome.

Next week, meanwhile, we need to paint the violently yellow bedrooms. The master bedroom is more of a mustard colour, which would have been fine, except the paint was very weirdly/unevenly applied, so it needs redoing anyway. So tonight I will drive Corey to and from taekwondo and use the intervening time to bum around Home Despot poring over paint swatches and pricing closet doors.


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