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In other news, to my great annoyance, I have continued to feel like crap, although a prescription has recently resulted in a great improvement. This is not conducive to packing or gardening, especially while continuing to haul my ass to work every day, so I have accomplished exactly zero on either task. A whole bunch of stuff is blooming out there anyway, to my delight, including peonies, honeysuckle, columbine, digitalis, and (almost) roses. The english rose I bought last year has not only survived the spring's drastic pruning, but now has at least 8 buds on it. AWESOME.

Today Lisa is coming over to keep me company and I am going to start packing books and sorting clothes. Yes I am. LESS THAN 1 MONTH TILL CLOSING BY GOD.
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Errand-running phase of the day: complete.

Tummy: grumbling mutinously but not in open rebellion. Some McDonalds hash browns, weirdly enough, seem to have mostly pacified it. Well, they work on hangovers, so why not, right?

Hours worth of soldering left to do: about 1.

Tools found after eight months that have long since been replaced: 2.
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One more week till Art in the Park!!! Must...stop...dragging...feet and get ass in gear. Yes. RAHR. Am taking Friday off in order to get last minute preparations taken care of, at least.

There was a community garage sale day in the village on Sunday (rained out on Saturday) so I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and bought some plant pots, an Eric Carle book (The Very Quiet Cricket, to go with our copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar - I mean, really, how could I resist?) and a big potful of johnny-jump-ups, which for some reason I have had no luck starting from seed. I also spied a really cool cat condo, but its vendors wanted $110 for it...yeah, not likely, kthxbai.

Booked the afternoon off today to go to the doctor - have I mentioned that I fucking hate needles, btw? Because I really fucking hate them - and then squandered the extra hour or so of free time this netted me by watching The Coolest Cop Show Evarrr, aka The Wire. Went to check out the aforementioned used couch set, which was deliciously cushy and comfy for curling up in as well as looking good, and which the vendor is willing to hang onto until we can get it into the new house. SWEET.

Also in the SWEET category: my peonies are almost blooming! No sign of botrytis returning so far (knock on wood) - and each plant has a good 4 or 5 big buds on it. C'mooooonnnnnn peonies, you can do it!!!
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So here's what I bought today:

* one fabulous whimsical coat-of-many-colours appliqued jacket, for which I must now find an orange or possibly sky blue skirt to match - $30
* one set of cross country ski poles, since the baskets on my old ones are broken in pieces and they were too short anyway - $4
* a pile of excellent gardening magazines which were part of a stack that I picked through; I am now regretting my frugality, I should have taken the lot of them - $2
* a lovely Degas poster never actually taken out of its packaging - $2
* assorted books - $0.50 to $1 apiece
* a nice coffee table from in approximately the same style as our dining room table - $40

Next year we will have to make sure to get there at 8 AM with the wagon of plant show fame, or at least a knapsack.
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Whyeeeeeeeeee is it so miserable out on a holiday Monday??? Stoopid universe.

I have wasted the whole morning in bed so far, but am unrepentant. I think the plants will have to wait either until this afternoon (if the wind dies down) or until some other time when it's more pleasant out. Poo. This is just as well, though, since I should finish cutting and grinding my fall tree panel before heading out for dinner with mom...if I was SUPER sneaky I would bring some foiling to said dinner, but I don't know if such ninjalike industriousness is in me today. We shall see.
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Our evil scheme is two children, one with Corey's last name and one with mine - because after all, why should I be the only Berube in my family?

Our coin-flip on whose name goes first will be whether child #1 is a boy or a girl - boy gets Yanofsky, girl gets Berube. Child #2 then gets the other name. Corey and I will both answer to either, such that people we know through our children can call me Mrs. Yanofsky without being corrected but they can also call Corey Mr. Berube.

Anybody who complains that this is too complicated will be told that the other alternative is changing everyone's name to Berubofsky.
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So far today I slept in, read books with Corey at Timmy's, and stopped by the Sally Ann to hunt for beer tshirts.

I found NAC Orchestra tshirts, social justice tshirts ("A nation stands no higher than its women" and "Women's march against poverty" - in the menswear, no less), a Heritage Ottawa tshirt, a Dave Matthews Band tshirt, and a Goodlife Fitness tshirt...but no beer tshirts. Not a single one. Come on people, what are you doing with all these worthwhile activities when you could be drinking beer?!? Then again, maybe the Sally Ann has an injunction against such tasteless garb, or maybe everyone just likes their beer tshirts too much to give them away. I guess I'll have to try the Value Village on Merivale.
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So I have pink hair again. Woo! It's a rather different shade than last time - more of a dark fuchsia/magenta colour - but this means that over the next several months I can work my way through Manic Panic's various pink dyes and see which ones I like. Eeeexcellent.

Got mildly gussied up for family photos today, which meant wearing makeup for the first time in months. Discovered that the two lipsticks in my makeup-I-actually-wear-every-once-in-a-blue-moon bag are red-brown and frosty pink, neither of which work very well with pink hair. Hmmmm. So I stopped by the Clinique counter and picked up a "raspberry rush" lipstick and then got suckered by Bonus Time into buying some cream eyeliner too. I should have looked more carefully at the bonus before I splurged, since I already had one of the bonus lipsticks, am indifferent to the eyeshadow colours, and think the "anti-gravity" goo is probably about as effective as mayonnaise (particularly considering the vague-yet-scientific-sounding bullshit explanation their promo material gives for it...measurably enhances collagen production, eh? My ass.)

However, this led to my rooting through my long-neglected makeup-I-never-wear-but-can't-bring-myself-to-throw-out basket once I got home, and there I discovered some old but functional purple eyeshadow - it didn't work so well with red hair, which was why it was abandoned to the basket, but it will be AWESOME with pink - along with the surprising fact that I actually used to really enjoy this stuff. I've disdained girly fashion for so long I find myself missing it a little bit. I actually had the thought that maybe I could start wearing skirts and heels and face paint again...but then there's the ludicrous outlay of time and money involved, particularly since none of my girly clothes fit anymore. On which note, I really need to exert myself more on the eating better front, because I think the miserable PMS that's been kicking my ass the last couple months may be exacerbated by the extra weight (hormones, insulin, and weight gain all seem bound up in a nasty little bundle in my family). I've been better about actually moving around lately, but that's not going to help me much if I keep eating pastries for breakfast, to say nothing of the $7 chai-and-brownie combination I'm getting addicted to at Bridgehead.

But...but...EFFORT. Ugggghhhh.
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Ooh, also: google tells me that Manic Panic lasts about as long as whatever pink goo they put in my hair at the salon, that it is available at Rock Junction on Rideau Street, and that it produces approximately this colour on bleached hair:

I was googling in the hopes of tracking down a provider of Illumen, which I hear can produce this colour more permanently, but if I can get the semi-permanent version for ~$30 instead of ~$100? That'll do!

I'm hoarding this idea for sometime when I'm having a particularly lousy and/or impatient day. But when that day comes, I will be the pink-haired poster child for Public Service Renewal once more!!
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There is nothing that says WEEKEND quite like wearing a Tshirt with a big ole beer logo on it. I don't even like beer, but there is something about wearing a beer Tshirt that says "screw you, world, I am letting it all hang out today." I need more of them. Where does one buy beer Tshirts?

Must now go get a haircut. And a bagel...Timmehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Apr. 13th, 2008 09:18 pm
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Man, watching a season of BSG episode by episode instead of all in one shot is awful - the suspense is going to kill me, except it had better not, because then I'd never find out how this damn show is going to end. I wanna know what happens next, dammit!

It is really a shame that last night was the last performance of The Pirates of Penzance, because it was hilarious and I would totally have recommended that everyone go see it.

Finished the first painted nude today. It didn't turn out half bad. The paint didn't seem any the worse for wear for the flux and solder, at least. I don't know if it turned out quite as mind-blowing as it should have considering the amount of fucking work that went into it, but whatever. On to the next one. Need to test the purple glass to make sure that paint is actually going to show up on it...otherwise I'm going to have to find a substitute colour.

Didn't get any of my other grand glass schemes accomplished today, though. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time kicking my ass into gear. I think part of it is my work hours having switched since last year - I can't just drop by the glass store after work anymore, which means I either have to send Corey on an errand during the daytime or wait for the weekend to roll around so I can stock up on whatever miscellany I'm missing to continue my project. Opaque white glass and zinc came are on the list right now (and of course I forgot about both when I was there on Saturday to get neutra. Dammit.)

We noticed half a duplex go up for sale in the village this weekend, so I poked my nose into MLS out of curiosity. The same place was asking $275K within the last couple years. Now it's up to $315K. Sweet merciful crap. The listing says they've done a lot of upgrading, but even so. I guess it's a good job we bought where and when we did. I think I'd be surprised to see anything listed in the village for less than $300K unless it was a knock-it-down/gut-it-and-start-over special. And there aren't even a lot of those left...I think my studio is located in one of the last few.

Played squash with Corey both yesterday and today. My hips are a little sore from my constant lunging after the ball, but otherwise I'm not too badly beat up. I am a very bad sport when I feel outmatched, so I'm lucky Corey is such a good one; he actually managed to teach me enough this afternoon that I scored a few points against him before being abjectly defeated.

Sigh. Bed, followed by Monday. Bleah.
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I am getting a big fat lot of nothing done today. Slept in, ate a bagel, foiled three pieces of glass, told myself I'd read a book for as long as it took to eat some cookies, got thoroughly absorbed in said book, and have just now lurched through the last few pages after about 3h. Was a little disappointed in the ending, which got too far over the top to really be believable, but the villain was deeply villainous and very spooky, so overall it was pretty satisfying.

I should go to the studio but instead I think I will go for a walk.
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Menus for this week:

Lemon vermouth chicken + beets + garlic mashed potatoes
Chicken with cranberries + rice + green beans
Indian-sauce chicken (chicken, butter chicken/tandoori/korma goo, sour cream, wine...yummmmmm) + rice + salad
Tandoori salmon + lemon-dill rice pilaf + salad

Tandoori salmon will be tomorrow night, because it will be easy (marinate salmon in jarred tandoori goo and sour cream, then bake) and because fish is highly perishable.

Also tomorrow, I will deliver my Art in the Park application, add spider and polish the lamp, and then spend the rest of the evening designing.

Tonight I will reread delightful Bujold awesomeness, drink wine, and eat cookies. Occasionally, being an adult kind of rocks.

Which gets me to thinking about something I was talking to [ profile] amazon_syren about today. We were talking about five-year plans. And I discovered that mine was, well, keep on keeping on with work and projects, and that's a prospect I'm pretty happy with. The only major deviation I foresee from the status quo is having a baby (or two). And y'know, about this time three years ago, the prospect of the status quo continuing was making me so miserable I could barely see straight. Having a family, of course, means no minor upheaval in my life, so it's possible that's providing me with the shake-up I like to look forward to. But maybe...just it possible I've managed to figure this out?
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So today I soldered all the panels for my neighbour's second lamp, and also went skiing for 2h with Corey and my mom, this time heading west to Andrew Haydon Park. The trail was even better on that side, and the weather was perfect. Although now, of course, my legs feel like flour sacks connected by water balloons at the knee, and I can barely move. I foresee much hobbling around the office this week.

Oooo, apparently Persepolis is now playing at World Exchange! Awesome. I just picked up the comics a few weeks ago and they're fantastic, and from the trailer (linked below), the animation looks beautiful. [ profile] renegadelufin, you should totally go see this one.

And Spiderwick Chronicles comes out this week too. Sweet!
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Today I:

* played squash with my mom, and am finding that it's not kicking my ass so hard afterwards. I'm toying with the idea of getting myself a membership at this gym, which is a short drive from our place. The RA Centre is a little cheaper due to gov't discount, but not by much, and it's all the way across town. I hesitate, though, due to my history of gym flakiness. It's a lot of money. But it's also rare that I find a physical activity that I enjoy enough to actually return to it, and as it is I'm paying $10 in guest fees for every time I go. I guess what it boils down to is that I have to go at least 3 times in every two weeks for it to be worth it, and I could probably manage that. I think.

* went shopping with [ profile] amazon_syren, which made for a lovely afternoon. Found some matte colours to match several items that need framing, but discovered that Michael's is not the place to order them. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. I will heckle Wallack's and my former instructor's framing shop and see if these places are more useful in getting me my supplies. Also snapped up some seeds at Home Depot - it does me good to see seed displays this time of year, it really does - and a Taunton book about shade gardening, which may actually be very useful if I can track down some of the gorgeous plants it's talking about. Ph33r me, Ottawa-area nurseries!!

* made dinner: chicken skewers and zucchini-chickpea couscous. This makes almost 2 weeks of eating decently. So far it's making absolutely no difference except to make me feel virtuous, but I guess that's something anyway.
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Dude, it is January 7 and there was just THUNDER AND LIGHTNING outside. WTF?!
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I skied (skiied? skid?) with my mom today down to the lookout over the rapids - y'know, the one with all the ducks and geese in the summertime - and then back through mud lake. All told it took about 2h. Perfect weather, barely any wind, and warm enough that once in the groove I could motor along without gloves or jacket.

However: now I can REALLY barely move. (And for this I am kind of proud of myself.)

Other than that, though, I have been grumpy and fight-picky all day, due to a stupid combination of impatience and anxiety and restlessness. I fucking HATE waiting, in all its multitudinous forms, and especially at this fucking time of year. I should have gone to the studio and gotten stuff done, which always helps, but mostly I bummed around with various media, which didn't. What I WANT to do dunno, something I've been looking forward to, except it's after christmas and before spring and I can't think of anything. And I should stop eating out so much, which is my usual indulgence in this situation. Fucking January.
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I played squash with my mom tonight. It was AWESOME. Although, of course, now I can barely move.

Nonetheless, tomorrow I ski!

Also, that whole Canada Food Guide recommendation for portion sizes and distribution (fill half your plate with veggies, 1/4 with meat, and 1/4 with grains)? Surprisingly delicious and satisfying. We'll see how long I can keep up the actual cooking. It's putting the thought into it ahead of time that's the trick...and then putting in the prep time even when I'd rather be vegetating.
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Happy 2008 everybody!

This year, unlike last, I am not miserably hung over - although a little tired and headachey - so the new year is off to a good start. Also promising (...knock on wood...) is the fact that since we've had snow, the only footprints in our yard appear to have been made by rabbits. Rabbits would tend to explain the fate of my tulips last spring, but: HA.
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My neighbour has commissioned me to make a second lampshade - sweet! I think I even still have the glass for that. Might have to pick up a couple more cream-coloured pieces, but that won't be more than about $10. Must get cracking on that tomorrow, provided I'm not too stupidly hung over.

Also, I have made a mix tape for a new year's exchange. (It's actually a pile of MP3s, but whatever - it's still a mix tape!) It's all zipped up, so if anyone else wants it, let me know and I will send it to you via yousendit...if you have a mix to send me in return, that would be doubly awesome!


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