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ARGH. Okay, biking experts, how the hell do you avoid the faceful-of-bugs phenomenon? I don't see people wearing goggles, but along treed parts of the bike path I could barely lift my head. What gives???
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Despite a pretty good day at work, I am tired and sad tonight and I would really like to go spend the next three months on a tropical island very far away. No end in sight and no rest for the wicked. And as usual, PMS helps nothing. Stupid biology.

I think pink hair might be just what I need. Will have to shop for Manic Panic after work tomorrow.
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I would like my fucking medal now, please. And don't fucking tell me I don't get one.
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I have been hacking away at this damn piece with a stupid broken unevenly-beating metronome and for my trouble I am apparently getting WORSE at playing it up to speed. Am I looking forward to playing it at this speed in front of people on friday? No. No I am not.

Fuck it. I am going to go solder now.
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I hate daylight savings time. HATE. I was just getting to the point where it was not-so-brutal to haul my ass out of bed in the morning because it was actually light out. I say we skip this whole stupid "spring forward" business and just fall back again instead. God forbid the US administration should take ACTUAL energy conservation measures - nooooooo, let's just alter space and time for an extra two months for the entire western world instead. THERE's a good idea. Losers.

Today: if the roads are ploughed, I will venture out to Timmy's and the video store, and then do some foiling. I will then go to the studio and solder/chop out the moon/grind the moon while painted pieces bake.
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It figures that all the crap that has me worried and sad right now is nothing I can really write about here. I need a magic wand.

Failing that, I will drink wine and make to do lists. And maybe bake a cake.

flute choir, squash, dinner

glass store shopping
cut out and paint first layer of nudes; fire
cut out and grind moon
grind last crazy quilt panel
foil moon and crazy quilt panels

more painting and firing
solder panels and moon
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The world seems like a very unfriendly place this week. I think I will spend the rest of my weekend alternately hiding under the covers and watching crazy HBO shows.

One more fucking week of February. Once the armpit of the year is finally over with, 2008 had better stop kicking my ass.
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I was having a pretty lousy day, and then just after lunch I remembered that I had some Midol in my purse. My mood improved remarkably for having taken a couple.

Note to self: the world is a much less hostile place when you're not in pain.
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I skied (skiied? skid?) with my mom today down to the lookout over the rapids - y'know, the one with all the ducks and geese in the summertime - and then back through mud lake. All told it took about 2h. Perfect weather, barely any wind, and warm enough that once in the groove I could motor along without gloves or jacket.

However: now I can REALLY barely move. (And for this I am kind of proud of myself.)

Other than that, though, I have been grumpy and fight-picky all day, due to a stupid combination of impatience and anxiety and restlessness. I fucking HATE waiting, in all its multitudinous forms, and especially at this fucking time of year. I should have gone to the studio and gotten stuff done, which always helps, but mostly I bummed around with various media, which didn't. What I WANT to do dunno, something I've been looking forward to, except it's after christmas and before spring and I can't think of anything. And I should stop eating out so much, which is my usual indulgence in this situation. Fucking January.


Dec. 12th, 2007 07:03 pm
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PMS + xmas shopping = bad, BAD fucking combination.
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I hate my teeny tiny oven. HATE. It may be new and shiny but it is teeny fucking tiny. I have exactly two cookie trays that will fit on its teeny tiny racks. And because these teeny tiny trays take up almost all the room on the teeny tiny racks, there is no air circulation between the racks, such that you can really only have one cookie sheet in there at a time anyway, because the stuff on the top will barely even cook.

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I woke up this morning feeling like I was hung over and have remained tired and grumpy all day. If I have to suffer, I'd like to have at least done the partying to warrant it. WTF, I ask you???
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Tonight what I really want to do is buy myself a good book and read it at Moxie's over several margaritas. It's been that kind of a day.
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If one day ten years from now I look up and notice that gosh, the public service is full of DROOLING, ILLITERATE ZOMBIES, thanks to today's tests I will not be the least bit surprised.

That is all.
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This weekend I was planning to go to Toronto and hang out with my sisters, eat sushi, do a little shopping, and generally enjoy all the zaniness that always ensues when we all get together.

Instead I am writing goddamn monkey tests - ON A SATURDAY - that can't be rescheduled so as not to count my chickens on this week's interview.

Somebody owes me big for this.
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Either that or urge to cry. As predicted, it's been one of those days. I am not much looking forward to the next two days, either, after which it will be Monday again, oh joy. And PMS is sure not fucking helping.
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Ugh. I am all over the place tonight and not getting anything done. And FUCKING DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, my computer has been telling me I had another hour left in the evening!

Right, back to working on my stupid goddamn french presentation. My life will be much less stressful with tomorrow out of my hair.


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