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So here's what I bought today:

* one fabulous whimsical coat-of-many-colours appliqued jacket, for which I must now find an orange or possibly sky blue skirt to match - $30
* one set of cross country ski poles, since the baskets on my old ones are broken in pieces and they were too short anyway - $4
* a pile of excellent gardening magazines which were part of a stack that I picked through; I am now regretting my frugality, I should have taken the lot of them - $2
* a lovely Degas poster never actually taken out of its packaging - $2
* assorted books - $0.50 to $1 apiece
* a nice coffee table from in approximately the same style as our dining room table - $40

Next year we will have to make sure to get there at 8 AM with the wagon of plant show fame, or at least a knapsack.
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Next Spins & Needles is on January 18! It's downtown, an easy walk from the transitway. Ottawa folks, y'all should come know you want to!
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I ♥ Spins & Needles, where I went tonight with [ profile] renegadelufin and made another very bizarre but oddly endearing collage: despite its weirdness (or perhaps because of it?) I am more pleased with it the more I look at it.

Never did get to skiing today, so that's now on the agenda for tomorrow, along with studio time. But for now: sweet, sweet bed.
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The Golden Compass was pretty awesome, quite faithful to the book in letter and spirit, despite the careful footwork around the whole question of the church. I have to say that the wingnuts who are up in arms about this movie are making themselves look really, REALLY bad by pointing out that they're the ones the Magisterium is supposed to represent. Way to go, guys...most of the target audience probably wouldn't have put that together without your help. And the fact that a film about shrugging off the shackles of would-be mind-controlling authority has to censor itself in order to tiptoe around certain authorities really only underscores the point.

I was particularly impressed with the way they captured the spookiness of the North, the foreignness of Lyra's world, and particularly the sinisterness of the Magisterium. In the book the General Oblation Board is a bunch of zealots in the ranks of a fairly standard world-power type of organization, but in the movie they're much more monolithic, and much scarier. There's so much communicated about them in the opening scenes - unspoken politics are flying in furtive or pointed glances. And Nicole Kidman is, as predicted, letter-perfect as Mrs. Coulter.

TOTALLY looking forward to the next one.

And now, for latkes!
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If I have your email/facebook coordinates, you've probably alreay heard about this. If not, and if you'd like to drop by, zap me a comment and I'll send address/directions.

Holiday Party of Deliciousness!

Come celebrate the most delicious season of all with wine, wassail, eggnog, and a veritable blizzard of home-cooked goodies!

We're doing this open-house style - wander in and out anytime between 4 PM and midnight on Saturday, December 15th. Spouses, SOs, and kids are of course welcome!
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Hmm, been a couple years since THAT subject header came up. Tomorrow we meet up with teh real estate agent (who is, freakishly, the husband of one of my bosses - holy small world, batman!) to see the house. Apparently there are no structural issues, but several major upgrades to be done in fairly short order: the roof needs replacing in 3-4 years, and the wiring has been partly upgraded but still needs work. (Roaming the internets for information about this last has actually been pretty interesting.) Well, whatever, it will be a fun real estate adventure and good practice, if nothing else.


Right, so in the middle of poking at this entry and reading about rewiring old houses, I got a call from [ profile] arndis, result of which was that instead of bumming around the house by myself while Corey went off to poker, I spent a lovely evening at George's place chillin with old friends, met a couple of incredibly cool people, and rolled back home around midnight. Certainly an auspicious start to the weekend! Supervising kitties' dinner just now (with three different prescription diets, you have to police them to make sure they don't eat each other's food) but must get to bed soon so as to have wits about me for tomorrow's real estate madness.

And just because everyone needs another meme in their life:

Lets101 - Free Online Dating

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Spins and Needles is on again November 23, and this time I am TOTALLY GOING, come hell or high water. Who's with me??


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