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Seriously fed up with computers right now. OMFG. Hard drive salvaged from old computer appears to have died, because naturally when it was first removed and still functional I decided I didn't have time to mess with it right then. WHY WHY WHY WHY did I not just copy everything over first!! DVDROM continues to not work at all; CDROM works about 30% of the time.

Help me, Trailing Edge. You're my only hope.
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Spring had better get here soon, because anticipation of garden season is KILLING MEEEEEEEEEEE.

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Rose is having a sleepover chez Grandma tonight, so: grownup day! So far spent napping, cleaning up, foiling glass, and watching Labyrinth. ♥ ♥ ♥ What a great movie. I love how they make it understatedly clear that this other world is imaginary without making it "just" imaginary - without making it any less real.

Still on the agenda: dinner out! Also laundry (bleh) over Mad Men. Or possibly The Nature of Things, of which there is awesomely ten episodes available for streaming on Netflix.
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I hope it's OK that it's taken me almost an hour to drink the 4 glasses of water I'm supposed to consume an hour before my ultrasound appointment, because bleahhhhh. This is as fast as I can go, dammit.

Thoroughly enjoyed the Heart concert we went to see last night as a belated xmas gift for Corey. My opinion of the songs Corey had foisted on me previously was sort of "eh, whatever, it's OK"...but they sure rock the house live. OMG. And I love the fact that these two women who must be around the same age as my mother are still heading up this massively successful kick-ass band and have done for 40 years.
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Definitely feeling better. Thank God. Spent 2h tonight tidying and going through paper and finance shit that I have been mostly ignoring in my prostrate exhaustion the last little while. The finance shit was alarming in its disarray at first, but fortunately the unpaid bills I let pile up are matched by a pile of uncashed cheques. This is how we spell "relief".

More tomorrow, maybe, I have to get my ass to bed.
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Another awesome post from Blue Milk, reviewing a book that I haven't read but that sounds depressingly spot-on.

She mentions that the book has "little to say about how our community and economy could be organised differently to focus less on a traditional male life-course, and much to say about how women can best ensure their security in this patriarchal landscape by moulding themselves to its contours. Work with it, not against in, in other words." I don't know. I see the point, but I don't see how any of us can afford to be anything but pragmatic about careers and contingency plans, considering how slowly that landscape is changing.
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I ♥ my family.

Also: the fog of exhaustion - is it lifting a little?? Maybe???? Fingers crossed!
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Daycare had to close today unexpectedly, so I am home with the Zoo. We spent a rather enchanting morning making sugar cookies. Dough for butter tarts is also chilling in the fridge.

This was the first time I've really had an opportunity to use my swanky red kitchenaid mixer (except for the couple of times I used it to make home-made pasta), and OMFG. I have never worked with a mixer that handled 5 dozen cookies' worth of dough so effortlessly. The "engine block" wasn't even warm to the touch. This calls for further experimentation!!
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So for those not on my facebook flist, we are expecting baby #2 in July.

Until we know whether the new baby is a boy or a girl, zie will be known as Snimm (from the same Dr. Seuss story as Zanzibar).

I had a dream about nursing Snimm last night. In the dream, Snimm was a she.

I have had an odd certainty for a while now that Snimm will be a girl. Not sure though whether to chalk this up to intuition or a habit of thinking - you know, since I am used to putting the labels "my child" and "girl" together. On one hand, the dream could weigh in as further evidence. On the other hand, it could just be a product of said habit of thinking, especially given that in the dream Snimm looked very much like Rose (and not even Rose as an infant, but Rose as she looks now.)

When I was pregnant with Rose, though, I did dream repeatedly that she was a girl before we found out at the 18 week ultrasound. In most of those dreams she was just out of sight, but in one memorable one she looked kind of like one of those glowworm toys. So I'm not sure the visual my brain came up with is really anything to go on. And in any case, it's not like sisters never look alike.

Will be interesting to see whether I'm right. Chances are 50%, right?
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I learned an Ancient Ninja Secret today, namely how to actually brown diced meat. I could not figure out why I always seemed to end up with all this liquid in the pan, resulting in meat that was cooked, but more boiled than actually fried, unless you cook it until all the liquid boils off.

Turns out that the instruction they always give in cooking magazines to brown the meat "in batches" isn't just because they think you have a small skillet. If you actually do what they say, there isn't enough meat to release all the liquid into the pan, and it actually browns in the oil. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn!

This post is mainly procrastination from the massive cleanup we are trying to mobilize prior to the cleaners coming tomorrow. Lately it feels like our household is flying by the seat of its pants and just barely managing not to come apart at the seams, and the cleaning actually brings a faint glimmer of credibility to this notion that we are remotely in control of our lives at the moment. Because I mean, srsly, how disorganized can I possibly be if the kitchen peninsula is uncluttered and the project room light bulb actually got changed? Huh? Huh??!?!
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The wacky toy she is playing with in this photo at 6 months old?

She has lately taken to calling it "chicken".

Cracks me up every time.

Misery me

Nov. 22nd, 2010 09:03 pm
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I feel like TOASTED SHIT this evening. Sick and exhausted and thoroughly overwhelmed. Send hugs plz, I need them.
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OMFG super awesome blog about crafts for/with kids. Check out the storm trooper mask these guys made out of milk jugs! And the foam bath murals!!
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She's still kind of little for trick-or-treating, but the daycare had a party, so:


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The twos, they are terrible. Holy mother of god.
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I hereby vow that I am going to stop hemorrhaging moneez, aka buying breakfast and lunch every single day, and bring groceries to work instead. As a reward, if I manage it for all of next week, I will put the $$ I have saved towards a fancy dragon garden statue.

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Finished Cryoburn. Was disappointed. Too much of other characters telling how Miles is awesome and/or recapping previous books and/or exposition about various characters and "where are they now??" - she's usually more deft about that kind of info-dumping. Not enough wild adventures and/or clever maneuvering demonstrating Miles' awesomeness. Ekaterin sidelined (again!) Not enough personal stake in the plot. I wanted to read the book that STARTED with the last two pages.
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Bricks bought!! Also delivered! Which means they were somewhat more expensive than I had in mind, but also much less schleppy. And thank god, because what a job that schleppage turned out to be. I anticipate difficulty moving tomorrow.

I got maybe about a third of them set up as a dry run, just putting them down over the grass to test the layout. SQUEE. OMFG you guys it is going to be so gorgeous. Worth every penny!!

So now of course I am totally anxious to get my hands on some aggregates. My kingdom for a truck!
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...except it turns out the OTHER thing standing between me and landscaping of doom is a sad lack of extra pairs of arms. I know I am capable of schlepping 1.5 tons of crushed rock from point A to point B, having done it last year. Brazenly brave and brawny though I may be, however: loading and unloading 150 square feet of bricks AND 1.5 tons of crushed rock AND a cubic yard of sand, by myself, brick by brick and shovelful by shovelful, all within the six hours or so that I will have a vehicle rented? Hmmmm, maybe not.

Well, I will have cheapass bricks, anyway! And if they have to sit in a pile in the throughway until the spring, well, it's not like it has to look nice out there in the winter anyway.

Le sigh.
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Bwahahahahaaaa! Swanky pavers located for $250, crushed stone for free. All that stands between me and cheapass landscaping of DOOM is half a cubic yard of sand!

Now if I could just get the baby to go to sleep...


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