Oct. 13th, 2014

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Things I did today:

* Bought and planted a steely blue pyramidal dwarf spruce for the front border that fills its alotted space exactly as beautifully as I had envisioned, both in terms of colour and in balancing the bulk of the miscanthus on the other corner - maybe I'm getting the hang of this design stuff, at least in my own yard! AND it was 35% off - WIN. Here's hoping I don't kill it.
* Noted while planting said spruce that despite my shameful neglect this summer, the October garden is really pretty stunning, with all the foliage acquiring various autumnal tinges. It becomes this altogether symphonic arrangement of blocks of colour.

Things I am going to do tonight:

* Make the last batch of grape jelly
* Hang out in cyberspace with my sisters
* Try one more effing round with the query letter, GOD HELP ME
* Check out the Lanark Cedar website and find out if they have remotely useful hours, such that I can lay hands on some bevel siding (so as to finally finish the trim around the door)
* Clean up the damn kitchen

Things I am going to do tomorrow:

* Marshal my thoughts wrt writing client stuff
* Print out the first 40-odd pp for markup
* Buy salad fixings for lunch instead of shelling out $$$ on takeout
* Make chicken stock w remains in the freezer

Things I am going to do soon:
* Somehow acquire above-mentioned bevel siding
* Trim around door (a weekend afternoon or two, I expect)
* Put concrete toe next to border pavers
* Dig out all the goddamn periwinkle and violets out of the east border


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