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Today began at a freakishly early hour but has proceeded to be pretty awesome anyway. Cora's breakfast followed by cozy tea at a friend's house with Rose and my friend's six-month-old happily zoodling along on their own trajectories in the background. Come to find out, she went the VBAC route when he was born and had nothing but support and encouragement from her OB - orly! Will have to investigate further, but am cheered by the availability of options on that front. And also thanks to her I am now outfitted with a bunch more actual maternity clothes that do not either fall off my butt or creep up my belly. FTW!

Spent about half an hour at the Trailing Edge while the wizards there pored over my ornery computer. The hard drive, as it turns out, is perfectly fine - it's the USB ports that are fucked up. The hard drive can't get enough power from them to spin up properly, hence the error message. The warranty on the laptop is expired, but since they do a lot of business with the supplier who provided it, they're going to see what they can do on that front anyway and get back to me. I knew there was a reason that place had my customer loyalty. What a relief.

To top it off, when David Bowie's Magic Dance came on the newly acquired stereo, Rose danced all around the kitchen with me, giggling and wiggling and bouncing around for the "jump magic jump"s. OMFG, does it get any awesomer. I ask you.


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